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I’ve gone on about Narbonic previously. Still, this has to be a milestone for the comic. We (the fans) know that Dave loves Helen. It’s rather obvious, in fact. We also had signs and hints of how Helen felt for Dave… and it got all confused with Caliban’s appearance on Earth and Dave’s realization that some of Helen’s feelings for him were caused by Caliban influencing Helen (so to encourage Helen to clone Dave a new body). Still… recently Helen admitted to Artie that she was still in love with Dave.

But she’s never admitted it to Dave. Hell, Dave’s admitted it (in passing) to Helen, though she was in one of her manic moments and I’m not entirely sure she knew. (She thought she knew, back before Caliban popped up human and all that, but Dave backed down out of a sense of honor, feeling his “deal” with Caliban forced Helen’s feelings. Silly Dave… Hell cannot make someone love… that emotion is beyond them. Lust, sure. But not love.)

So here we are. Two friends, alone in a dark and quiet lab… both immensely attracted to each other… and they finally kiss.

Heh. I’m halfway tempted to read through the archives to see if there were any other kisses in the comic… I think there were, but those were on the cheek or the like. Not two grown consenting adults showing their feelings for each other with a proper kiss. (Addendum note: Naturally I’d forgotten about them “swapping spit” to undo Artie’s gender-swap drug. But outside of those instances…)

And I can’t peer into Shaenon’s mind and see where this is going, next. I mean, if this was CRfH then we’d have Dave and Helen ending up succumbing to their passion and probably be caught at an awkward moment when Artie gets back home (and then his commenting on having to wash his eyeballs out after seeing them together). If this were Dominic Deegan then we’d have them continue a long-lasting chaste relationship where both cares deeply for the other but is afraid of acting on it.

This is Narbonic… and the insanity changes from day to day. Though considering Sundays are not story-comic days… then I figure it’ll be Monday before we switch back to Helen’s mom and find out how human-form Artie is holding up under the pressure of being Helen Sr.’s boytoy…

Okay, so Shaenon can be predictable sometimes. But that’s predictably evil.