Wapsi Square

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Hmm, it’s the return of Monica’s self-hatred and self-doubt! And boy does she stink! We first were exposed to this backward-talking specter at the start of this year, as Monica stressed over how surreal her life was becoming, and her fears of losing her friends and family over it.

It was one of the spookier episodes to Wapsi Square (which had mostly been limited to dark flashes of Shelly’s past), and it ended with Monica seizing the moment and sending the spiritual manifestation of her doubts running for the door with her derriere in flames.

Until the three golems that Tepoztecal accidentally summoned decided to keep Monica’s self-doubt for her.

Heh. Steve Anderson recently complained about Wapsi Square’s tendency to bounce from “Silent Hill” to “cheesecake” in a flash of an eye. He rather enjoys the more… horrific moments that have arisen in this comic, and wishes that Paul Taylor would keep with the horror more often. Well, he might have been more crept out by the murderous dream-sequences that Shelly had, but personally I fount Acinom to be creepier.

This may just be a one-shot bit, reminding us that M’s still suffering from self-doubt and hatred, but after what she just went through… I think she still has this self-destructive side to her, and it’s going to escape. Sooner or later. When it does, it’s going to be easily as big as Shelly’s nightmares. Whether it’s confronted in her home once again, or in a hospital bed as she suffers a cardiac arrest remains to be seen.