Could be worse… she could have woken up next to Brad!

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Well, we’ve finally gotten to it. After joke strips and a stick-figure strip and several tangents, we finally have Tasha and Selena in bed together. And to be honest, it’s a tad difficult following the story at this point.

I’m going to tangent myself with a bit of advice. Dan Shive of EGS fame created a system (when he went over to Keenspot) where his Newprint Strips, his Story Strips, and his Filler Strips each had their own folder. Perhaps FWF could do something similar… or maybe Brian Daniel could code into the strip some commentary with links leading directly to the next story strip. It would make it easier to follow this story.

You have to feel a bit bad for Selena here. She seems… a bit innocent here, even though she’s apparently had a same-sex relationship in the past (I say same-sex rather than lesbian because of her recent encounters with Kevin, where she seemed… rather involved in the petting going on). Heh… I do feel a touch bad for Natalie though… who’d had a crush on Selena but gave up because Selena just wasn’t interested in her that way.

I wonder now if she was uninterested in Natalie that way… or if she was suppressing that type of interest due to her same-sex encounter in college. We know that Natalie thought Selena was straight, even though she kissed her when Selena was drunk. (Of course, we’ll need more of the story to find out if Selena had only one encounter with her roomy Tasha, or if they ended up a couple for a bit. And Selena admitted to Natalie that she’d been with another girl.)

Perhaps part of Selena’s problem has to do with what happened in college. Maybe she just suffers from terminal shyness. I don’t know. But I do admit I rather like this character. And to be honest, considering Natalie has Roxie as a partner, even if she’s not in love with her… well, I don’t think she and Selena are meant to be together. Especially if Selena is uncomfortable with it. (Fortunately, when she breached the topic with Natalie, they agreed that their friendship was more important. Which was kind of cool.)

I am curious as to what Selena’s problem with Kevin is. Maybe it’s just that they rushed things. I know from personal experience that rushing into sex isn’t a good thing (maybe that’s why I cheered on Dave in recent CRfH comics when he turned down Margaret’s offer of a quick fling in the sack).

No doubt this storyline will wrap up soon and we’ll be going on to something else, be it more of Violet’s biological dad or stuff with Brad and Page, or something else, we’ll have to wait and see. In the meanwhile, tangents aside, I’ve been enjoying this FWF story, and hope it remains on track. (Oh wait, next strip is Friday, and Fridays are NEVER story strips. Well, maybe Monday?)

Robert A. Howard

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