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I’ve been reading Striptease for close to half a year, though it took until now before I finally read through all six years of its archives. While the early artwork is extremely cartoony, six years of constant updating has helped Chris Daily learn the tricks of the trade and resulted in an evolution of the characters into a more realistic art style. There are occasional usage of Cut-and-Paste in the artwork and backgrounds come and go as Daily pleases, but for the most part Striptease is one of the better black and white comics out there.

The story is a bit more convoluted. Much like Fragile Gravity, Striptease is a webcomic about people making a print comic. Naturally enough that’s not interesting enough a topic to concentrate on for long, so wild happenings occur. There has been evil twins, evil competing cartoonists, and other zaniness. There’s also been more realistic topics such as relationships (or the lack thereof), trust (again, or the lack thereof), and a expansion of the cast from the original three characters, Max, Emily, and Chip (though Chip was often used more for comic relief than as a serious part of the comic).

It was the introduction of Tommy as inker for the comic, and then fellow cartoonist Alli as Max’s competitor, friend, and love-interest, that started an explosion of characters and likewise a widening of the scope of stories for Striptease. It’s the side stories of these additional characters that has helped make the comic worth reading. Without these secondary characters and their stories, we’d likely be stuck in zany situation after zany situation. It is when the comic focuses on the more realistic side of things and the lives of Max and Emily’s friends that Striptease truly comes into its own.