Footloose Comic

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At its most fundamental level, Footloose could be described as a coming-to-age school comic, focusing on the happenings of a young lady named Keti (which translates loosely in Nepalese as “Oi! Girl!” which may give you some insight into Keti’s mom). The comic utilizes some fundamental aspects found in many school stories: Keti is an outsider who is new to the school, she is disliked by the popular girls, she’s not that good in her classes, and on down the line. But with two words this entire core story is turned on its ear: fantasy dojo. Yes, you heard me right. The story is set in a dojo located in the realm of Faerie and teaches young men and women one of four fighting styles.

To twist things even further, the four fighting styles are the School of Indiscriminate Whacking with Oversized Weaponry (which I think is self-explanatory), the School of Marketable Magic (or in other words, Magical Girls), the School of Overrated Destructive Mecha (don’t ask), and last… Kung Shoe. I swear, I am not making this stuff up and I’ve not been drinking (today). Kung Shoe is the art of fighting critters and people… with high-heeled shoes and other footwear. Of course, considering the shoe is just the weapon, and it utilizes an array of kicks, throws, and thwacks with said footwear, it’s more painful than it sounds. Though considering what a girl in high heel shoes can do to a guy even without training… maybe it is as painful as it sounds.

Keti is, naturally enough, in Kung Shoe. Hey, with a fighting style name that amusing, of course that’s where the protagonist would be. The comic follows her as she struggles to learn the art of Kung Shoe, while dealing with the antagonism of the Magical Girls (and I’ve never seen magical girls written up as so truly despicable as in Footloose), finding love (naturally enough; hey, it may be a fantasy dojo, but it’s still a school comic, and romantic relationships are integral to that genre), and even struggling to maintain friendships. And while there are some dramatic moments (such as in the current storyline), for the most part Footloose retains a high level of silliness that makes this a refreshing shift from the Penny and Aggie clones.