Tangents Site Update

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I thought I’d write up a quick note on the state of the archives. I took a small break from the older archives (from 2005) and decided to load all of the 2008 archives into the system. So far, archives from April of 2008 until the present are loaded on the system. I hope to have all of 2008 uploaded in the next couple of days. There’s over 500 individual reviews that need to be recoded, and that will take a little bit.

As part of the process, I’m examining links to make sure they’re all working. I know that several comics I’ve reviewed have vanished from the web, and others have started using php or other file systems that changed URLs. Needless to say, fixing broken links is increasing the time for getting reviews up. Fortunately, most of the newer reviews don’t have this problem.

Another thing I’m working on is standardizing my image files to cut down on redundant files. Several comics have been reviewed more than once, and there is always the risk that a specific image might have been used for several articles, each under a different file name. In addition, some image files were not reduced in size, and thus would take longer to load for readers (and increase the amount of data on the server).

I am also interested in your input on what tags you feel I should use for labeling comics. I’m currently using the webcomic titles, and distinctions between Secants and Webcomic reviews. However, I’ve realized that some people might prefer epic comics and others humor comics or the like. So feel free to join the comments field and add your own suggestions.

New reviews will be coming out in the meantime, when something catches my interest. I’ll try to get at least one new review up a week. Once the archives are finished, I hope to increase the number of reviews a week.

Addendum note: All of the archives for 2008 are now available.