Podcast Interview of Tangents

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For anyone who’s interested, I was the interviewed guest on the webcomic podcast Moonhawk Studio Presents, an amateur podcast that runs live on Wednesday evenings usually at 10 p.m. EST. The podcast went fairly well, outside of a brief loss-of-communication from the host early into the podcast (due to the loss of phone signal) and the host getting distracted from his line of questioning by having to keep podspammers from interrupting the interview at one point. Topics discussed include what inspired me to start writing reviews, comics I’m looking to review in the future, and my opinions on the print comic industry.

Unfortunately, one of the problems with the hosting program they use (TalkShoe) is that you need to have a membership in order to see specifics of each site in question, and to find the podcast’s archives. Fortunately, I’ve a direct link for the interview podcast, which runs around 70 minutes, and can be found at this link here (if you right-click the link, you can save it to your hard drive for ease of listening later). And fortunately, I don’t make a complete idiot of myself during the podcast (which is always a possibility with me).