Guest Reviews – A Girl and Her Fed

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Heyla all! Assuming the auto-updater actually works properly, this will show up while I’m freezing my extremities in Colorado while hunting Elk armed with a digital camera (because no one is going to trust me with a hunting rifle! Besides, hunting licenses cost money!); actually, I’m accompanying my father after years of his offering to take me along. Assuming everything goes well, I should be back before Halloween. And if it doesn’t… well, that’ll explain the lack of updates. Guest reviews will be up on October 14, 20, and 25.

Seeing that I’m entirely too lazy to write up reviews ahead of time, I put out a call for guest reviews. This is the second of the reviews, by HiFranc (who has recommended this comic to me in the past).


Review of A Girl and Her Fed:

When Otter, the artist, started her style was very different to what it is now.  She is in the process of updating the archives to make the art consistent throughout, and to correct plot holes and pacing.  At the time of writing (August 2009) the update is not yet complete so the old strips form the middle if you go to the new archives.

I’ll warn you now that there is a lot of swearing in this comic and there are a few bedroom scenes.

To get an idea of the art and a quick introduction to two of the characters here is the first page:

The first page as it originally was:

The new version of the first page:

The comic is about a young woman (the “Girl” of the title), who is in touch with the ghost of Benjamin Franklin.  At the start she thinks he’s just a hallucination because she is the only person who can see him.  The Government is keeping an eye on her because for some reason she’s unjustly listed on a no fly list.  She is also an unpaid intern for a newspaper.

The agent (wait for it….the “Fed” of the title) who has been assigned to her has his own invisible friend.  He is part of a secret programme where a chip has been inserted into his head and the display is projected in mid air such that only people in the programme can see it.  The interface looks like President Bush.

Someone connected to a local politician dies and our heroine[1] decides to investigate.  The agent decides to help her so the two of them start following the clues.  The comic follows them on their mission to discover the truth.  It also charts their relationship.

Otter has informed us that the comic will end when the adventure is over.  The plan is for the comic to finish sometime in 2011.

How else can I describe the comic?  The plot is based on at least one conspiracy theory.  There is a mixture of light hearted strips and deadly serious ones.  The humour comes mostly from the interactions between the characters and some that you would expect in a sitcom.  In its own way it pokes fun at the paranoia that has engulfed most countries since the events of 2001.

How would I summarise its style?  The first thing that I can think of is: MASH meets Enemy of the State (but our heroine and hero are far from helpless).

In short, if you want a fun conspiracy thriller with a lot of humour, ghosts and strange characters then A Girl and Her Fed is the comic for you.  If that doesn’t grab you then you’re probably best giving it a miss.

[1] Sorry for the lack of a name but the author has specifically hidden that information from her readers.