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One thing I particularly enjoy about Candi is that (outside of evil intelligent squirrels and a talking telekinetic ferret) it is grounded in reality. While I’ve not been back to college in years (having graduated over a decade ago), Starline X Hodge manages to capture the feel and energy found in many colleges. One thing I remember is the occasional blood drives; to be honest, much like Hodge’s Candi, I don’t particularly like needles and avoided giving blood until I started working where I am now (the company has four blood drives a year, with everything all set up at work). But that never stopped the cry for blood, and wry comments by college students of the nurses being vampires draining our blood.

I will have to admit this: giving blood hurts. I don’t care what the nurses claim. When you have a bloody needle stuck into your arm for five to ten minutes, it’s going to hurt. In fact, my arm still aches from giving blood five days ago. Thus I can fully sympathize with the character Candi, who was cajoled into giving blood because she’s apparently a universal donor – blood type O negative. (To be honest, I’d think Candi wouldn’t be large enough to donate; I doubt she’s 100 lbs. after a rain shower soaks her through.) I also sympathize with the character learning that she could pass out after giving blood; while I’ve not passed out, I regularly feel dizzy and ill after donating, and have to admit it would be interesting to see if Hodge goes with this path or if she’ll go straight for the faint.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if the depiction of the nurses is accurate, seeing that Candi barely passed the iron test and is reluctant to give blood. Donors are often given every chance to back out, but the young lady who convinced Candi to donate is determined to get some blood from her. But seeing that my blood type’s on the opposite spectrum (AB positive), I suspect my blood’s not nearly as vital to emergency services as someone like Candi. As for my personal suspicion, I think we’ll learn after everything’s said and done that Candi was wrong about her blood type. For now, I remain tickled (if still a tad sore) that so soon after I gave blood, that I get to see a favorite comic focusing on this topic as well.