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As I was on the road when this specific Freefall comic updated it’s slightly dated, but I figure it’s still well within its freshness warranty and worth commenting on, especially as it pokes fun at two genres at the same time. There are few people out there who’ve not encountered “sparkling vampires” thanks to the Twilight series of books (which I find slightly annoying as I’ve used “Twilight” as the surname for some of my characters for over ten years now). The arguments back and forth on the veracity of Meyer’s imagining of vampires has become old hat by now; more subtle is the dig on the growing interest in fascist Germany and Hitler that seems endemic to certain mindsets. It also hints at something interesting: by grouping Vlad the Impaler and Hitler together, cartoonist Mark Stanley suggests that in time, some of the worse humans in history will be relegated to mythical status… and then corrupted into a form alien to what was the truth.