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For a while now it’s felt like transformation comic Misfile has been spinning its wheels, at least when it comes to the primary protagonists Ash and Emily. Of late it even feels more like Ash is a girl who says she was a boy, rather than a boy trapped in a girl’s body; there’s been no real sense of body horror (the sense of Ash losing her very identity as a male) or even Ash making small mistakes that a guy would make in her situation. Nor has the Ash/Emily relationship saga gone anywhere; outside of a few brief teases and some emotional moments a couple years ago, they’ve settled firmly into the Friendship Zone (though considering both are girls and Em doesn’t identify as gay, that’s not as much of a concern as you’d think).

So it’s probably no surprise I have been identifying with the secondary cast of Misfile; the ongoing drama with the varied angels that have descended into Ash’s life has proven to be of much greater interest. Of particular interest is Rumisiel’s personal little antagonist, Cassiel, who has been slowly growing more sympathetic the longer we know her. Her antagonism toward Rumisiel is somewhat amusing when you consider how alike the two characters are (both have a fondness for partying and humans), and I must admit I’d love to hear sometime her side of the story about her relationship with Rumisiel and their breakup.

When you consider this is a many-thousands-year-old entity that’s only taken the form of humanity to fit in, her personality strongly suits her setting; she acts the perfect spoiled teenage brat, both in dialogue and in actions. (In many ways, it feels like the angels are more human than some of the human characters here; at the very least more human than Ash and Em.) But it is Cassiel’s reaching out to the teenage girl Eponine that has truly fleshed out her character. I’ll admit I felt bad for her when she got dragged into the whole murdered angel business… but now? I think I might actually be beginning to like her, if only a little. It’ll be interesting to see what she does in the face of this friendship that is forming, and I hope to see more of it in the future.