Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures

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I must admit that the most recent Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures has left me feeling a tad conflicted. The revelation of what happened to Abel’s father, Aniz, was in many ways anticlimactic, with readers being told rather than shown what happened to him (and not even with a flashback graphic either). Undoubtedly part of my disappointment lies with the fact I was anticipating (with some sadistic glee) the emotional upheaval that would occur with Abel to confront the man who destroyed his life and ripped him away from a beloved mother and revealed that so much of his life was build on a life. Having this piece of potential drama dropped into Schrödinger’s opened box of felines would disappoint any fan of dramatic storytelling.

But on the other hand, Amber M. Williams dropped another bomb to surprise her readers (something she is apt to do on occasion, even as her stories often delight and bemuse; how Williams is able to juggle dramatic and comedic storytelling is something I puzzle over, and wish other webcartoonists who are deficient in this skill would learn) with the revelation of who was responsible for Aniz being in no position to further antagonize his son’s life. (Mind you, while Aniz may not be in a position to torment his son directly, I would not be at all surprised to learn that Abel has a sister. Or a brother, but somehow I suspect any siblings would be sisters, if only because of the tradition Williams has created with so many other brother-sister siblings in the comic.) That being, Quintinga Ti’Fiona.

While the specific character hasn’t appeared in the comic just yet, the last name was a strong hint, and a quick perusal of the cast page found her nestled in the character write-up for Alexis Ti’Fiona… Dan’s half-sister. This creates yet another link between Dan and Abel, with Dan’s father’s deceased wife having put down Aniz. Given the history between Abel and his father, I doubt there will be any real grief between the two over what happened in the past. Still, I’ve this weird mental image of Dan and Abel; in many ways they are like brothers, though they only just met within the last year (of the comic’s time). Thus my mixed feelings; while I would so very much have loved to see Abel face down his father… I’m fascinated by these latest twists linking these two characters together, and eagerly await the next twists to come from Williams’ pen.