Something Positive

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My initial reaction to reading the latest update to surreal slice-of-life webcomic Something Positive was to check the date and make sure that we weren’t in the middle of December, getting ready for Randy Milholland’s end-of-year break. Because let’s be honest – normally Milholland pulls something like this right at the end of the year such as when he had Davan show up to comfort PeeJee in the hospital when she had chicken pox, or the year after when she got into bed with him to just lie next to him while he slept – at which point I stated the two would never get together, in case anyone forgot. Given that I think Davan is about to pop the question to his girlfriend Vanessa, spurred on by her wanting to buy sex toys just to mentally screw with a fundamentalist uncle… well, I think I just heard thousands of shippers whimper as their secret hopes Davan and PeeJee would end up shacking up just ran into an iceberg.

As an aside, I do want to comment that I wish Milholland would create a small buffer and start updating regularly. While I was quickly going through the archives to see when (and if) PeeJee had teased Davan about Vanessa’s ring size (I vaguely remember the incident but couldn’t find the strip in question), I came across this rather frightening comic revealing that the kawaii catgirl contagion spreads through the cat-ear headbands. Given that this girl led a fangirl rebellion and may have eaten Pepito’s arm (or at the very least ripped it off his body, possibly while he was still alive), I can understand the horror she’s feeling looking back at that time. And I wish I’d seen it at the time. I’d have written it up then.

This is a problem with irregularly-updating comics. Not everyone utilizes an RSS feed or follows the comic on Facebook. Some just have it bookmarked and can miss an update if it comes during a weekend or at an odd hour. Thus with Davan seemingly about to ask Vanessa to marry him, I have to wonder what else might slip past unnoticed. The follow-up to “Kawaii of the Damned” was easy to miss, as it was a one-shot (though I must admit I’d love to see this character again in the future, especially if she comes across Davan or Jason and freaks when she recognizes them), but just because something is contiguous doesn’t mean it can’t be missed. Considering Something Positive hasn’t updated multiple times a day for years, perhaps it’s time for it to return to a more regular schedule.