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A recurring (and legitimate) complain about the gender transformation webcomic Misfile is that we’ve seen no signs that Ash’s life is worse as a girl than it was as a boy. Outside of having to pee sitting down, monthly cramps, and menstruation (and not being able to get together with a girl who wouldn’t have given him the time of day if it wasn’t for the angelic misfile) we’ve not really seen anything to suggest Ash’s life is so miserable, especially when you balance it with all the good that’s happened, such as her renewed relationship with her mom, helping Kate overcome the ghosts of her past, giving Emily a true friend and someone to help her step outside her old two-dimensional world. But lately we’ve started seeing a few signs that things aren’t all golden for female Ash. One such flaw is Ash’s relationship with Missi.

I’m not quite sure how things would have worked between the two of them if the misfile had never occurred. Ash is obviously put off by Missi’s tendency to come on strong to her, but how much of that has to do with Missi wearing the pants in their relationship, and how much has to do with the fact Ash is now a girl? Her relationship with Emily isn’t going to become sexual (without large amounts of alcohol being involved) anytime soon, so she has no real basis of comparison… well, outside of an erotic dream or two. And it’s obvious this relationship was predestined. Missi is meant to fall in love with Ash, and her being a girl is messing with her head as much as it is Ash’s. (This also brings up an interesting question: why is Ash’s life no longer predestined? Or was Ash never meant to fall in love with Missi, no matter what her gender?)

The second is… more disturbing, with Ash and Missi coming really close to having been raped. I truly hope that Chris Hazelton doesn’t just let this drop. I’m still a tad disturbed from my brush with being sexually harassed by a 17-year-old half a decade back. What Ash faced was far more disturbing… and more immediate. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see her having nightmares for weeks to come. Nor is this an unbelievable scenario. Assault and rape (and worse) of LGBT individuals is sadly not uncommon. This is part of the future that Ash faces as a woman and a lesbian (or a female-to-male transgender if she finally decided to take that path)… and is easily reason enough for Ash to do everything in her power to try and regain her old, male life.