Exterminatus Now

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I suspect one attraction that Halloween holds for a number of webcartoonists is that it offers the opportunity for them to draw their characters dressed up in different costumes. Today’s Exterminatus Now definitely feels that way, with the gang dressed up in different costumes (though I will admit I have no idea what Lothar is dressed as, except that it has something to do with a whiny emo vampire – this doesn’t narrow the field much as it seems MOST vampires these days suffer from wide-scale angst). While Eastwood’s outfit might not have been what Zuviel had chosen for him, I must admit I was rather tickled to see the “Mass Effect” dialog bubble homage. And let’s face it; Zuviel had it coming to him; what sort of sick sadistic twit dresses another grown man up as a Pony (even if Rainbow Dash is apparently “20% Cooler” or somesuch silliness)? Sometimes the Renegade Action is justified. And somehow… it just suits Eastwood.