Saucer Seekers

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I must admit that the latest storyline of Mark Mekkes’ science fiction webcomic Saucer Seekers has been rather enjoyable for me. Part of this is due to the more… uplifting aspect of the story. Rather than having the characters fruitlessly spin their wheels while trying to uncover the truth, they’re succeeding for once. They’ve discovered their evidence of an alien abduction and alien spacecraft (or at the very least, unidentified craft that seem beyond current Earth technology), including photographic proof from traffic light cameras, and are all set to reveal this to the world. There’s only one thing in their way… and it’s not the men in black or covert government operatives. It’s an act of conscience.

The location of the abduction and of the sightings of the craft is in a small town. The people who admitted to seeing it asked for their anonymity (and weren’t included in the reports from what I can tell). But we have our protagonist looking down at the evidence he just has to mail out… after wishing a bunch of townsfolk a Merry Christmas… and realizing that even though they haven’t revealed who anyone is, people in this town are going to lose their privacy and anonymity once these reports go out. And this has made me wonder… how many instances of UFO sightings with actual proof go unreported because of moments of conscience such as this one? And ultimately… is this search about a personal proof, or vindication? Because mailing out this proof to the world… is vindication, and doesn’t serve the truth at all.