Narbonic: Director’s Cut

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It has been several years since I last perused the entire archive of Narbonic. Of course, given that the comic ended a couple years back, that makes some sense; while I’ve been tempted occasionally to peruse the archives as Shaenon Garrity’s Narbonic: Director’s Cut slowly approaches the culmination of her opus comic, I’ve resisted the urge partly due to the joy of re-experiencing the comics again, and reading Garrity’s commentary on each strip. I found today’s strip to be especially delightful when the titular character broke down and in a moment of sheer adorableness ask Dave to go out steady with her. But I disagree with Garrity concerning the depiction of Helen’s face in the second and third panels; perhaps it’s my lack of formal artistic training (I’m a writer, not an artist) but I don’t see what’s wrong with how Helen was drawn in the third panel. In fact, I found her wide-eyed gaze and emotiveness worked quite well. But then, it’s always been true that we are our own worse critics, and as Garrity admits in her commentary, this kind of thing probably only bothers her.