The Devil’s Panties

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Comedian Bob Monkhouse once said that growing old is compulsory while growing up is optional. While this could be taken several ways (including suggestions that even the oldest of people can be quite immature), I like to think of it as a suggestion that we can retain our inner child no matter how old we grow. Today’s Devil’s Panties is just such an example, with cartoonist Jennie Breeden taking a little time out to play on a sturdy swing set she noticed while biking. Amusingly enough, it’s not Breeden’s inner devil who suggests taking a break on the swings (no, she’s in agreement with Jennie’s shoulder angel that she doesn’t have time for such antics). No. It’s Breeden’s “Pretty Princess” (that part of her that still has a girlish sense of glee toward sparkly things, and is in many ways Jennie’s inner child) that puts her foot down and insists. Given that even though I’ve passed 40 years I still enjoy going on the swings, I can’t blame Breeden’s inner child in the least.