Go Get a Roomie!

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Warning: The following comic is NSFW and contains nudity, sexually suggestive scenes, homosexuality, bisexuality, alternative lifestyles, lucid dreaming, and cake. Reader discretion is advised.

When I first started college back in the days when the Internet was text-based and webcomics were ASCII art, I met Jerri, a lady who was a bit of a free spirit. She had no problem taking a bath while I was visiting and having me sit in the bathroom while she washed up in a couple inches of water or talking to me about her sex-life. And while we were never intimate (even back then the Friendship Zone was strong in me), I must admit I gained a bit of an education on a way of life that was quite different than the fairly sheltered life I’d lived in suburbia. Since then I’ve met other free spirits, though none have been quite as open as Jerri was.

In many ways the main protagonist of Go Get a Roomie! is a combination of all those free spirits I’ve met over the years; webcartoonist Chloe has done a masterful job of creating a character who is both innocent and wicked, and manages to be likeable even as she sleeps her way from bed to bed (at least up until she runs into the other protagonist, Lillian). This isn’t to say Roomie (as everyone calls her) is some perfect Mary Sue; she seems to lack any sense of concept for “personal space,” tends to drink too much, and has accidently broken more than one heart (seeing she’s lesbian) from what I can tell. But her actions are out of a sense of mischief, not maliciousness. And to be honest, she’s done a lot of good for Lillian, our second protagonist.

If I were to wager a bet, I’d say that Lillian was added to the comic (after some thirty-odd updates) because Chloe wanted to expand the comic beyond drinking, flirting, and lesbian hijinks. In many ways I identify strongly with her; she tries hard to ignore Roomie’s sexual innuendoes and initially had a preference for solitude, wanting to just escape into her dreams rather than live life. Roomie’s presence and her insistence on dragging Lillian out of her shell have helped Lillian start to live life once more, and to broaden her horizons. Exposure to Roomie’s band of friends (each of who have let her sleep over at some time) has led Lillian to try and in her own words overcome her prejudices.

Interestingly, we’ve learned a lot more about Lillian and what led her to become introverted and to retreat from the world than we do of Roomie, who’s in just about every comic. I must admit I’d love to see Lillian draw out Roomie’s story; I doubt we’ll ever learn what Roomie’s name actually is (at least, not until the very last strip), but it might be interesting to see how she’s able to support herself, if she’s gone to college, and really what made her into the woman she is. Lillian’s story is fascinating and compelling… and has given Chloe a chance to expand her storytelling skills. I can’t help but hope she’s practicing with Lillian before tackling a more complex tale, and reveal what made Roomie into the free spirit she is.

Recent updates have actually taken a slightly darker tone, between Lillian’s confrontation with her brother’s fiancée (and her concerns that Evelyne will take Lillian’s brother away from her) and with Lillian’s use of lucid dreaming that has… started down the path toward nightmare; I must admit some curiosity as to if Roomie herself will have her exuberance and delightful sense of innocence shaded a bit, or if she’ll remain the contrast, a source of constant light within the story. While it would be nice to see Roomie’s character expanded upon, it is this blissful innocence that makes her a delight to watch, and a reason why I recommend this comic.


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2 Responses to “Go Get a Roomie!”
  1. Wanderer says:

    Hey, you reviewed this one. I considered suggesting it, but in the end decided it might have too much adult content.

    Despite the nudity and casual sex Roomie participates in, this is a very relaxed, easygoing, and not particularly erotic comic. I’m not sure how it manages that, but… well… it just does.

    I believe that the comic definitely became more interesting once Lillian was added to the mix. It’s interesting to see how both she and Roomie have influenced each other, for the better in both cases, I believe.

  2. Tangent says:

    To be honest, it wouldn’t have been reviewed any sooner if you’d suggested it; I tend to forget suggestions soon after being introduced to them. Fortunately, Chloe advertised this comic so I stumbled across it that way.

    And yes, GGR is not particularly erotic in nature. I think it’s because it doesn’t seek to titillate. Instead, we’re just seeing what Roomie does. And I’m reminded of a comment stated fairly often that if you’re exposed to nudity frequently enough, it loses its association as taboo and erotic and becomes part of the ordinary. Roomie’s nudity is just part of who she is.

    But yes. The comic definitely improved with Lillian’s addition… probably because it allowed Roomie to step beyond the surface appearances of sex and drinking and actually connect to another person on a non-sexual level.

    Rob H.