Sandra and Woo

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Usually I tend to dislike situational comedy, due to its need for a victim for the audience to laugh at. Perhaps I’m just too empathetic, but I’m not exactly a fan of laughing at someone else’s pain. Still, I must admit I enjoyed the twist in today’s Sandra and Woo, along with the shout out to the classic newspaper comic Calvin and Hobbes. Given the number of webcartoonists who have cited Calvin and Hobbes as one of their inspirations for cartooning (which may explain why so many comics succumb to hiatus or are abandoned when the cartoonist starts losing interest), it’s not too surprising to see Oliver Knörzer and Powree give a nod of their head to Calvin’s many attempts to trick his parents into succumbing to his requests with numerous over-the-top questions. But where this comic shines is Sandra’s reaction to getting drenched by ice-cold water, and thinking Larissa was to blame. The fact Larissa was innocent (a rare thing indeed) is why I enjoyed the humor of the moment… and the fact that we laugh not at the target of the comedic moment, but at the prankster who was, for a change, not to blame.