Critical Miss

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Before I start, I need to apologize in advance as I’m going to be suspending, this once, my policy concerning cursing on my site (though it seems like kids these days often know more swears than I do at 42).

That said… what the fuck was up with the latest Critical Miss? While I can understand poking fun at the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic male fan-base (Bronies), I can’t help but feel the latest update was a smack in the face for a very real problem at conventions: the sexual harassment of female cosplayers (including some who are barely teenagers). Hell, the last few anime and comic book conventions I’ve attended have included specific messages warning against sexual harassment of people at the cons, and admitted that previous complaints from women were brushed off and ignored. While it could be claimed that what Cory Rydell and Grey Carter did was satire, this is a subject that should not be satirized.

Seriously, what the fuck were Rydell and Carter thinking in pulling this shit? And to go on and claim that Bronies are subject to harassment by women in your written bit below? That was insult to injury. And lest people claim I’m just white-knighting here, I’ve been on both sides of the coin, and was accused once of sexual harassment for staring at a female coworker in a previous job… and been harassed by a 17-year-old student while a substitute teacher (and no, it’s not “fun” when that 17-year-old has the power to claim you were the instigator and then get you banned from teaching forever if she so desires). In short, this was a sophomoric and shitty attempt at humor, and Rydell and Carter should apologize. There are some lines that should not be crossed at this point in time.

Addendum note: I did do a web-search and did not encounter any blogs or the like citing men being sexually harassed by women just because they like MLP:FIM, just in case anyone is going to try and claim this comic was legit.