Wondermark: Halloween Special

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Normally I tend to wait on reviewing a comic until I’ve read the entire archives. It’s only fair to the comic (and cartoonist) to do this as without a full viewing of the comic, it’s impossible to get an accurate view of the comic. I’m making an exception this time due in part to the seasonal nature of the short storyline that David Malki !’s Wondermark (and drawn by K.C. Green) has done, and the fact said short comic is pretty much unrelated to the rest of the comic as a whole (though given the gag-a-day nature of Wondermark, that may be stretching things a tad). The story is of a young girl named Emmy who learns from her brother that pumpkins are in fact horse eggs… and that the practice of carving pumpkins is meant in fact to ward off the Mother of Horses, the Night Mare, who seeks vengeance on humanity’s devouring of the eggs of her children. It’s a silly odd tale, but really when you get down to it most monster stories have a spark of the ludicrous in them. You can read the first part here.