Archive Recovery Project

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Thanks to the hard work of a friend of mine, Phase 1 of the Archive Recovery Project is complete. All of the old webcomic reviews (and some other content) have been restored to the system. While the archives have been restored, image files for those reviews are not yet available (though they have been coded in); Phase 2 will involve renaming the older images to the system I started using five or so years back. Phase 3 will involve detecting and repairing broken or incorrect links. Best of all, this occurred just in time to ring in the New Year. Fortuitous timing, that; I owe my friend big for her hard work on the Archives. (She will be hopefully continuing her work with the image files next; link repair will likely be something I need to handle myself. Please note, if you find a broken link in my site, e-mail me at tangentsreviews at gmail dot com and I hopefully can track down the errors.)