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After losing a bunch of links once more due to the vagaries and inadequacies of Chrome, I decided to give Internet Explorer a try once more (due in part to the glowing reviews IE-10 received on various tech sites). Unfortunately due to… incompatibilities between Chrome and IE, I was forced to load my old Firefox bookmarks, despite that browser being several months out of date. But after loading the bookmarks I decided to do some long-overdue editing of the bookmarks and readjusting of my system of bookmark folders.

The end result? After dropping 36 comics into the newest Hiatus folder, I was left with over 90 comics that update several times a week that I’ve been reading. Another 40+ comics existed in various folders that update on a weekly basis… and another 40 or so that I chick on once a month. Nor does this count some of the newer comics that I’d started reading but haven’t yet made their way into my bookmarks.

Obviously my Webcomic Links page is out of date (as is the Webcomic Review List), and I will try to update these pages in the next week. Try being the operative word; considering how long it took for my archives to be restored (and that took hiring someone to do the work!) I’m not promising anything. Still, the links page is useful for myself as well as to people who’re interested in what I’m reading… or even those cartoonists who deserve to be read but whom I’ve not yet reviewed.