Go Get a Roomie!

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Warning: The following comic is NSFW and contains nudity, sexually suggestive scenes, homosexuality, bisexuality, alternative lifestyles, lucid dreaming, and occasional attempts at cooking. Reader discretion is advised.

While there are several comics that have called out to me recently to be reviewed (either for the first time or because of the sheer awesomeness of recent events), it was a quiet little voice over from Go Get a Roomie! that ultimately forced my hand. This voice has been persistent for over a week now, but one last little quiet “yay” bowled me over and has dragged me away from Skyrim and weekend hijinks to look at a beautiful moment of character growth and development… from a character who you might expect this from. Naturally, I’m speaking of Roomie herself who has been the catalyst for the awakening of Lillian and her emergence into the waking world.

Nor am I indulging (much) in my whimsy toward science when I call Roomie a catalyst. She has encouraged Lillian to start writing stories (which led to her purchasing a computer – perhaps the first true indulgence that Lillian has done for herself in years), she was the driving force behind Lillian allowing Ramona and Richard moving in with them, and I can’t help but think that even as she drifts from household to household sleeping with various people for the sheer joy and pleasure of it, she’s the one who ultimately instigates this (despite her aura of “innocence” which, to be honest, lies more with the fact she seemingly has no ulterior motive in her actions).

But even as Roomie is a catalyst for others, so too has Lillian become a catalyst for her. I’m not sure if pre-Lillian Roomie would have jumped to Lillian’s defense after Lillian’s brother took her to task concerning the computer and the twins. Though to be honest there have been hints here and there of Roomie having a deeper side that would almost seem at odds to her usual hijinks. Indeed, as one of Roomie’s friends put it, Roomie is human and it’s easy to forget that at times. While she may seem carefree and whimsical, she’s as apt to sadness as anyone else… or introspection and growth.

As beautiful as it is to see Lillian grow, what is even more beautiful is watching Roomie herself grow. Part of this lies with the growing relationship between Lillian and Roomie… and the fact that while she might not realize it yet, I do believe Roomie has fallen in love. It may not be a sexual relationship or the like, but having been captured into the gravity well of Lillian’s life (and Lillian likewise into Roomie’s) she finds herself considering things that we’ve not seen in the past. So in answer to her last question… yes, Roomie. You have. You are not the same careless girl you were years past. And what you’ve become is someone truly beautiful on every level.

Addendum: I corrected a mistake in the article – Lillian was already writing down her dreams (in a notebook). Roomie suggested she write stories. Given my own tendencies toward storytelling, I must admit some slight embarrassment I got that bit wrong! Sorry! :)