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It has been said that all good things must come to an end. (No, not Tangents. I said all good things, after all!) After five years, Tom Dell’Aringa has concluded his science fiction webcomic Marooned!, the story of an astronaut who finds life on Mars… and a situation unlike any he could have prepared for back on Earth. And while there were one or two questions left unanswered and the potential hook for a sequel, the comic did a superb job of wrapping things up satisfactorily.

The hook? The ship that Zed repaired may very well have reached Earth. What’s more, last we heard from Earth, things were rather dire for the faction that sent him… suggesting that the next people sent to Mars could very well be enemies sent to track down John and his alien allies. But to be honest, after five years I suspect Dell’Aringa has other ventures he wants to explore and different stories to tell. All in all, Marooned’s> denouement works quite well in wrapping things up and providing that favorite ending for readers: the happily ever after.