Life and Death

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Perhaps one of the greatest drawbacks to webcomics is their greatest strength: the medium. While the Internet allows for the large-scale dispersal of stories with minimal investment (compared to print comics at least), when the technology fails, the comic is no longer available. This happened to a number of comics on the site Drunk Duck when the Duck went down for the count in mid-August, 2013. Fortunately, at least one comic from the Duck has returned to life from the apparent death of the Duck as cartoonist Jonathan “Joff” Oliver has been updating his comic Life and Death over on Smack Jeeves. To be honest, I don’t know if this site has been around the entire time as a mirror or not; I do know that it’s only been the last few days that Google searches have pulled up this site rather than the defunct Drunk Duck. Best of all, Joff has continued updating the entire time, so if anyone has been waiting patiently after Death chased off the Siren… Joff has moved on to a new storyline since (which gives you over a month’s worth of updates to enjoy if, like me, you didn’t know of the Smackjeeves site).


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  1. KAM says:

    I believe Joff started out on Smack Jeeves and came to the Duck at some point, but updated on both sites (while both were up that is).

  2. It’s a good thing he did. As I said, I had no idea as to if the Smackjeeves site was around the entire time or not. But I also know Google and Bing didn’t direct me to it for some time. So I figured it’s worth letting my readers and the spambots masquerading as readers (yeah, you! Over there! I know you’re a bot, stop trying to put malicious code into my site! Don’t make me sic Glych on you…) know it’s still up and running, in case they (like me) didn’t know of the other site. :)

  3. Graham says:

    If there are any more Drunk Duck comics that you follow, here’s a compiled list of the sites that are updating on alternate hosts.

  4. KAM says:

    The Drunk Duck Facebook page also has some not listed at the above address

  5. KAM says:

    The Duck is back up so Life & Death can be found at (apparently Platinum still owns the Drunk Duck address & Wowio has to contact them to get them to change the redirect.)

    However, just change your bookmarks for any Duck comics you read (or have linked) from to and they should come up.