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Given my preference for epic fantasy, it should come as no surprise that I’m a fan of Powree and Oliver Knörzer’s Gaia, which I’ve been intending to review for nearly a year now. Unfortunately it’s difficult to know just where to start; the comic combines magic and technology, intrigue and a noble thief seeking her nation’s freedom, and a talented young woman who’s been wrongfully imprisoned even as the story hinted at her destiny at the heart of an unknown epic adventure. What’s more, Powree and Knörzer have created some truly enjoyable characters with a range of motives and interests… some of whom are not immediately likeable. If there’s a problem that Gaia suffers from, it’s that it’s taken a while for things to build up and some readers may chafe under the pacing. Fortunately, the archives are only a little over 200 updates to date, and newer readers may not notice the pacing when reading the comic in one fell swoop. And even if the comic has taken a bit to build (and has one poorly-constructed information dump looking at the world’s mythology), it’s still well worth reading, especially for fans of epic fantasy.


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  1. Wanderer says:

    Oh great. You got me to read it, and now I’m stuck not knowing what’s going to happen to Lillith. *shakes fist* Now I have to wait for updates like an ordinary person! I’ll get you for this! :p