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Due to excessive spam activity, I have disabled new user signups for the site and will be responsible for new user signups.

In other words, if you wish to create an account to comment on the site, e-mail me at Tangentsreviews “at” gmail “dot” com (with the “at” being “@” and the “dot” being “.”) and later in the day I’ll create the account for you (though if I’m having computer or internet problems, it may take longer).

In order to post comments, you have to initially log into the site (I believe via the Site Admin button on the right-hand side of the screen). After that, you fill out the name and e-mail information and your comment. (I’m not sure why WordPress doesn’t auto-fill that information once you log in, but that’s WordPress for you.) Your initial post will also need to be approved by me, after which time no moderation is required.

Addendum: I have installed new features to try and dissuade Spambots. There will be a five-to-ten second delay in posts, so if you are typing a very short comment, it might get caught in the plug-in.

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