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Tangents on Hiatus

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I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for my readership; after serious consideration I’ve realized I need a break. Effective immediately I’m taking a month off from writing reviews. I’ve sent out requests to several people I know to see if anyone would be interested in writing a guest review or two while I’m gone, but given the lack of guest reviews the last few times, I very much doubt anything will be posted in the meantime.

No worries, however. I’m not leaving you alone and bereft. There’s seven years of archives waiting for you, even if thumbnail images are lacking for the first couple of years. And I’ve realized one of the worse things in webcomics is when a writer just packs up and doesn’t tell people who’s up. It’s a lesson I’ve learned well from quite a few webcomics I follow. So do stick around. There’s plenty in the archives to read, with a number of great pieces you’ve undoubtedly missed or forgotten about. Soon enough, I’ll be back and serving up the latest in webcomic fun.