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Tangents Year in Review

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The saying goes that time makes fools of us all. With another year passing me by, and another Year in Review before me, I can’t help but find those words apropos. To be honest, I’m not sure really what is left to be said. This year has no great promises. No grand plans. And as was revealed several months back, I don’t even have it in me anymore to update four times a week; hell, I’ve barely been able to pull off two updates a week, though I have done my best to branch out with more new content.

If I’m going to be honest, part of the problem lies with burnout. My job is writing. Each day I summarize dozens of articles (and summarizing a multi-page article in one paragraph is an experiment in creative writing, let me tell you that!), and I don’t have the option of taking a break from that. Between work and reviewing, I’d not had a chance to do any actual writing for some time. Sadly, this includes work on my novels; the two I’ve closest to being done have languished for a while now. I’m not going to make any promises on either… at this point it’s better to surprise people if it gets done than promise once more something I cannot deliver on.

What I do plan on doing is striving to update twice a week. The Webcomic News updates will be interspersed when I come across news (and I honestly need to start checking my e-mail more often as I‘ve had several news posts for anniversaries and the like sent to me that I never got around to mentioning online), but soon after last year’s Year in Review I realized that “weekly news stories” was… exceedingly optimistic.

On the plus side, the first part of the Tangents Archive Recovery Project is complete. The archives have been fully loaded. That’s not to say there aren’t errors in them (as I recently stumbled across a review loaded to the wrong year) and the graphics haven’t been loaded (though this is something that I will have worked on hopefully in the next month or two), and none of the links have been checked to see if they’re still valid (seeing that URLs often change over time), but at least they’re up.

And that’s pretty much it. I do have some writing projects I am starting to work on (nothing serious, more of a writing exercise) which I might share on here once there’s enough to make it worthwhile, but mostly I’m going to work on updating twice a week with reviews and try to review more new material. After all, if I’m only updating twice a week, at the very least you deserve new content instead of a rehash of the same old comics over and over again!