Over the years I’ve managed to write a number of stories, mostly fan-fiction, though there are several original stories as well. As they tend to get long at times and might not be of interest for people reading my reviews, I created the Fiction section to store the stories separately using the Page function with WordPress. I apologize for the sparse selection at the moment, but as the archives continue to grow I’ll undoubtedly find more bits of fiction to add into the mix. Below is a list of what’s available.


Deus Ex Liber (a CRfH Fanfic), by Robert Howard.

Transference (a CRfH Fanfic), by Robert Howard.

Guardian Angels (a CRfH Fanfic), by Robert Howard.

Final Rest (a Footloose Comic Fanfic), by Robert Howard.

Homeworld: Exodus (a Fanfic set in the Homeworld computer game universe), by Robert Howard.

The Trip: Prologue (Original Fiction, Rough draft), by Robert Howard.


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