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The blank page is often the hardest thing for a writer to have before them. It begs to have something put upon it, to fill the white starkness with text, with life. And it is so daunting at times. There is a purity to white that causes writers and artists to recoil, their minds seizing up and refusing to work. Creator’s block, as it were.

So, why another webcomic review site? Well… to be honest, it’s Websnark’s fault. Heh. Yes, Eric Burns ignited the “snarker” within me, and part of it is that he’s interested in the “Funny” of comics, while I’m drawn to the story within, be it a light-hearted romp through Alice’s imagination or the darker colder future of Clint Hollingsworth’s Wandering Ones. And all points inbetween. ;)

There’s a nitch there, one I want to write about. And while Eric sometimes talks about funny storytelling comics, and I’ll undoubtedly point at some amusing comics that don’t do much in the way of storytelling… there’s plenty of room for us both.

As for what I’ll be writing about… well, whatever catches my attention. Hey, the site is called Tangents afterall, be prepared for me to ramble off onto one. Enjoy!


Addendum: If you’re reading these for the first time, you may notice that there are no graphic image links in the reviews. I started adding the image/links on the 24th, so the first week of reviews may appear a bit stark. Rather than re-edit them with images, I decided to keep them as they originally were.

Don’t worry though, with the 24th I figured out how to edit sizes and the like for images, and most of the comic reviews after it do have image-links to break up the monotomy of text. So enjoy!

Addendum Note 2: If you’re reading these for the first time or just perusing, you might notice the first week now has graphics in it. I went back and reworked the titles and added graphic elements to the reviews, so they weren’t so stark. It’s something I’ve been planning to do anyway, and with my move to Panel2Panel, I figure now is the perfect time to do so.

Addendum Note 3: If there’s one truth about the Internet, it’s that it changes constantly. As such, some of the reviews written in the past linked comics that may very well have changed URLs or the like. Some even have vanished from the Net. Thus reviews from even a couple months ago may very well not be current. I apologize for any inconvienances bad links may cause.

Just thought I’d fill you all in. Enjoy!

Addendum Note 4: Needless to say, Tangents has moved from Panel2panel, which is owned by Amber “Glych” Greenlee. I thank her for several years of hosting my site, and appreciate her efforts on my behalf. Panel2panel is now dedicated to Glych’s artwork primarily (though when I edited this last, it was still under construction). I definitely recommend her works to people as she’s a talented storywriter and cartoonist.

In addition, I have been tightening up some of the shorter early reviews and setting them as Secants. I’ve not actually altered the content of these reviews (outside of deleting a word or two or adding a transition word or two as needed) and the overall content of these articles did not change. Once I get beyond the first few months of reviews in 2005, this will likely end (as I got rather long-winded after that point). I feel these articles work better as Secants, and seeing that I have upward of five articles per issue for each day… I felt it worked better this way. If people for some reason want to see the original posts, I can load those in the Comments field. I doubt anyone is that interested.