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Erstwhile is another serial webcomic that takes old fairy tales such as those published by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and adapts them to a graphic format. It stands out from its peers in that it focuses on many of the less-known fairy tales; while I’m not exactly an expert on the older fairy tales, it seems that cartoonist Gina Biggs, who adapts the scripts, and artists Louisa Roy and Elle Skinner who assist Biggs with the artwork have remained true to the core of these stories, rather than build upon the tales to craft new stories. As such, these can be darker tales than what is told these days; “All Fur,” for instance, has a daughter flee from her home after her father the King decides he’s going to marry her, while “The Old Man and His Grandson” is downright cruel in places with how the grandfather is treated by his son and daughter-in-law. In addition, Biggs has published the first seven tales (along with “The Sweet Porridge” which hasn’t appeared on the website) in a 160-page hardcover edition.