It’s been a while since I last updated my webcomic read list and figured it’s about time to do this dance again. The list here is incomplete, and doesn’t include new comics I’m aware of and some comics that have not yet entered into my Bookmarks, but it’s still quite recent. There are also occasional comments on update periodicity. If your comic is marked as “hiatus” or “intermittent” and this has changed, do let me know and I’ll try to alter the comment, depending on if updates have started up again or not. ;)


And yeah. This list has gotten scarily long. And what’s worse? It’s not complete. But hey, it does give you all an idea of what I’m reading… and maybe even some comics that I may be considering reviewing (if they’ve not been reviewed yet but are listed here). (Though to be honest, I do have several years of reviews I need to eventually upload, so some might be hiding in there. Considering it’s a matter of double-checking links to see if the comic still exists… well, it takes over an hour for each review and I’ve a life so it’s been on the back burner for quite some time. Maybe I’ll just upload the HTML to its own folder sometime… though I’ve no idea what to do with the CSS…)

Daily Comics

Schlock Mercenary, by Howard Tayler

Blip (Currently very intermittent)

Devil’s Panties – Monday, February 18, 2008

Evil Inc. by Brad Guigar – A Daily Webcomic

Kevin & Kell by Bill Holbrook

Namir Deiter – Drawn and written by Isabel Marks Note: Update schedule depends on donations, sometimes only M-F

“Narbonic: Director’s Cut” By Shaenon K. Garrity

“Skin Horse” By Shaenon K. Garrity and Jeffrey Channing Wells

Sally Forth | Comics | Seattle Times Newspaper

Sluggy Freelance

something*positive and other comics

Weekday Comics

A Distant Soil by Colleen Doran

Candi (Doesn’t update Wednesdays, sometimes intermittent)


Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire

Dumbing of Age – A webcomic about growing up

Friends With Boys – a webcomic by Faith Erin Hicks

Girls with Slingshots: Two girls, a bar, and a talking cactus, five times a week!

Misfile – A comic by Chris Hazelton – Now Updating Every Weekday

OTENBA Files – Where Tomboys and Yuri Collide (Currently on hiatus, website under repair)

Luci Phurr’s Imps: A Children’s Story for Grown-Ups

Poisoned Minds: Kicking it Old Skool (Doesn’t update Wednesdays)

Quantum Vibe by Scott Bieser

Questionable Content: New comics every Monday through Friday

Requiem: An online graphic novel by James Roden

Wapsi Square by Paul Taylor


Monday/Wednesday/Friday Comics

Accidental Centaurs by John Lotshaw

Atomic Laundromat

Between Failures Chirault

Eerie Cuties (Intermittent Friday updates)

El Goonish Shive – Dan Shive

Errant Story

Fox Comics: Faux Pas


The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred (Updates Sun/Wed/Fri)

Emergency Exit (Currently very intermittent)

Gunnerkrigg Court – By Tom Siddell

The Escapist : Critical Miss


General Protection Fault–The Comic Strip

Girl Genius Online Comics

Ginger’s Bread

Life and Death

Looking For Group



Nukees, The Atomic Comic Strip

Moron County

Paranormal Mystery Squad

Penny Arcade!

Red String ~ A web comic by Gina Biggs. – See the Backstage of the Web Comic World (Very intermittent)

The Saucer Seekers – The Lighter side of Lights in the Sky

Sorcery 101

Supernormal Step – Blind Spot (Intermittent)

xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language – By Randall Munroe

YOSH! Comics


Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday Comics (Most of these comics don’t update on Saturday but I didn’t want to subdivide the records even further)

Doomsday, My Dear

Exiern, the world of Emily Brady and Alice Nuttall (Closer to Monday/Wednesday for the States, three different comics, takes turn in updating though Footloose always updates once a week)

Menage a 3

Namesake – Going down the rabbit hole and beyond

Okashina Okashi – Strange Candy – Thursday, February 14, 2008 (Exceedingly intermittent)

Punch an’ Pie (May be coming out of hiatus)

[TERRA-COMIC.COM] An Online Science Fiction Graphic Novel

Wayfarer’s Moon (Intermittent)

Winterside (Currently on hiatus, may return)

Valkyrie Squadron

The Trenches – Isaac

Spare Keys for Strange Doors

Monday/Thursday Comics


bridges – dramatic high school webcomic

DELVE Into Fantasy

Devilbear: The Grimoires of Bearalzebub


The Jupiter Palladium

Mysteries of the Arcana – After the Fight

Riven Sol – Science fiction, romance, and Lovecraftian horror.

Sandra and Woo

Sinful – Looks are deceiving (Currently on hiatus)


Monday/Friday Comics

Antihero for Hire (Sometimes intermittent)


HOPELESS, MAINE: The Webcomic – HOPELESS, MAINE by Tom & Nimue Brown

Original Life

RCSI Travel | ‘Code Name: Hunter’

Tuesday/Friday Comics

d e a d . w i n t e r


Finder’s Keepers (Intermittent)

Fun in Jammies (Currently on hiatus)

Goblins – Life through Their Eyes

MegaTokyo – relax, we understand j00 (Exceedingly intermittent, but he does try)

Underling Comic  (Very intermittent)

Wandering Ones-The adventure webcomic

Winters in Lavelle

F@NB0Y$ -

Monday Comics

The Airship Flying Cloud, R-505 (Print Web Serial with initial graphic)

Ana and Gabriel

Artiste Gullible (Currently on hiatus)

B.O.W.L. – Big On Winning Liquor (Intermittent)

Clan of the Cats, An Urban Fantasy by Jamie Robertson (On hiatus)

Nahast: Lands of Strife (Intermittent)

reMIND – the making of a graphic novel (Intermittent)

Roza : fantasy webcomic by Kelly Hamilton

Urban Fey : We are not your Father’s Fey

The Wotch

Z A P !

Leech Worm

Outsider: A full-color science fiction comic

Tuesday Comics

The Adventures of Superhero Girl




“Paradigm Shift” By Dirk Tiede


Wednesday Comics

Amya – A Graphic Novel

Astray3 (Hiatus, planned reboot))

Gypsy! (On hiatus)

heart shaped skull

“- Magellan” By Stephen Crowley (Occasional Friday update)

The Meek (Intermittent)

Magic Runs Rampant in the Hearts of the Stupid (On hiatus)

Xylia: A Faerie Tale. Updates Mondays! (On hiatus)

Thursday Comics

Final Arcanum

Nikki Sprite – The adventures of Nikki Sprite (NSFW, very intermittent)

Shadows of Enchantment

Geist! – A weekly webcomic about love, revenge, and invisible monsters.

Friday Comics

American Gothic Daily Paranormal Romance Graphic Novel (Intermittent) (On hiatus)

Evil Overlords United (Odd update schedule, two comics sharing the same space, one updates Friday, the other some other time in the week)

Flaky Pastry

L.L. Scott – Home of Abmiram: Guardians’ Reawakening

The Chronicles of Loth

Omega Manor-Comic (Intermittent)

The Sisters Grimm -


Bedlam Genesis

Weekend Comics

Doomsday, My Dear

Exterminatus Now

Curvy (NSFW)

God of Destruction (Currently on hiatus)

Namesake – Going down the rabbit hole and beyond

Intermittent Comics, updates several times a week

Aetheria Epics (Intermittent)

Alien Dice

Chasing the Sunset -|- Fantasy Webcomic -|- Elves, Pixies and a blue dragon with orange stripes.

Darths & Droids

Deep Fried-The home of Weapon Brown, Clarissa and Beepo

Order of the Stick

Marooned – Twice Weekly Sci-Fi Space Opera Comic

Mary Quite Contrary (Intermittent)


Juathuur Gatecrash

Planet Karen – I’m Karen and this is my life. (Sadly on hiatus but I’m not giving up hope)

Sequential Art

DHS Comix (Two comics, one updates (usually) Monday/Friday, the second on Saturdays)

Intermittent Comics, updates several times a month (if we’re lucky)

Abandon – Online Graphic Novel

Alex’s Guide – to a life well-lived

AppleGeeks 3.0 (On hiatus)

Between Places

Blue and Blond!!

The Chronicles of Avernyght

Circumstances of the Revenant Braves (On hiatus)

Count Your Sheep

Dungeons & Denizens

Elven | A webcomic about elves. Like, seriously.

Head Trip

COGS (Not yet started)

Frankenstein Superstar – A humorous horrorcomic. Not for the kiddies! (NSFW)

Real Life Fiction

Something Original

Raven’s Ink – Home of DRUM Needle

{{ Magician’s Quest : Online Manga }}


Earthsong – by Lady Yates


Good Fortunes

No Pink Ponies

Quarter Life Crisis

The Raptor Clause

The Revolution

Root Rot Comics – A webcomic by David Herrick

Sea of Insanity — Modern mythology in weekly doses. (Sadly, currently on hiatus. Hoping this will return too))

Taiki : The Webcomic

Twokinds v6.1

Welcome to the Institute

White Noise

-Zebra Girl-


Crimson Dark (Just ended, illustrated story sequel may start up in a few months)

- Spindrift -


Comics I check monthly

Alpha Shade Pages (Probable terminal hiatus) (Hiatus)

Cat Legend: Comics

City of Reality

Dresden Codak – Brand New Store!

Fox Tails

Fractured Harmonics (Sadly on hiatus)

Geebas on Parade

The Green Avenger (hiatus)

Lit Brick – Sequential Comedies by Mr. John S. Troutman (Mostly ended, occasional added updates when it suits his fancy)

Ozy and Millie (Ended, check out of hope it might reboot)


Instant Classic Entertainment (Hiatus)

Jenniverse, home of the works of Jennifer Diane Reitz, creatrix of Unicorn Jelly

Key – The Fantasy Adventure Webcomic

Kitty Hawk

LCD Lowest Common Denominator :: an online comic strip by Bryan M. Richter

Muse Academy (hiatus)

On The Edge – A webcomic by Leisl Adams (May have ended)

Paradox Lost (long-term hiatus)

Picatrix- A Webmanga by J.L Haram

Post-Nuke Comic. Post Apocalypse Online Graphic Novel (hiatus)

The Prime of Ambition (hiatus)

Fantasy Webcomic Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan: Elves, Witches, Vikings and Beer! (Semi-hiatus, currently reloading and revamping old comics)

Runewood Abbey (hiatus)

Shadowgirls (ended)

Skipping Tomorrows

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki – Get your mahou shoujo fix! (checking monthly may be optimistic)

star cross’d destiny – online illustrated novel – updates Wednesdays



Tales of Pylea

Tales of Thistledown (Terminal hiatus)

Tales of the Traveling Gnome

~Undertow~ (Sadly on hiatus)

The Wisdom Of Moo

No Rest For The Wicked (Sadly on hiatus, wish it would start up again)

Of Snakes and Apples – Home (Ended?) – A Steampunk Webcomic

Storm (Long term hiatus)

Comics on Hiatus last I checked (Please note, this list needs editing as some comics are on it that I just stopped reading (reader hiatus rather than author hiatus))


Abstract Gender

Ai-Yai-Yai! – Zhan D’vega

“Anywhere But Here”


Bookelves featuring Alfheim (alv’hame)

The Broken Mirror


Devil’s Gate


Dreamers Cove


Eversummer Eve (Small note: Eversummer Eve’s URL was snagged by a scammer who is using her traffic to sell stuff. If you’ve got any links to Eversummer Eve, please remove the URL. The comic will be returning from what I’ve been told, and will have a new URL.

Fade to Black

FRAMED!!! by Damonk

Fury of the Venom Legion

Geek Tragedy

Gun Baby


Lang Lang




“Maxwell the Demon” by Tonia Walden

Moonlight Feathers


Of 2 Minds

Oops, Nevermind

Scandal Sheet!

Sharing a Universe

Smoke-Emitting Diodes

Starlit Nights


Those Destined

Troop 37

Venus Ascending

Venus Envy

Abby’s Agency

Alice Comics

-=+ Black Tapestries – Thursday, February 28, 2008 +=-

Building 12 – The Comic (Updated Every Monday)

Burgundy Comics, INC.

Coyote Dance by ReD InK, Updating Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break :: Tuesday and Thursday :: Updated 18 June 2008

Draco Eques : Wakening

Fantasy Realms

F@NB0Y$ – Better Than [insert name of game] updates M and F

Flint Again – Friday, June 29, 2007

Gossamer Commons

Happy Medium

HiRezFox Image Server

:: i draw comics :: todd and penguin, taking up space and girl and monster

Instant Classic Entertainment

No Room for Magic – Friday, June 13, 2008

Open Wound

Perki Goth/Candi Raver


Prodigy Grey – An Online Graphic Novel

Quest to Nowhere — Portal Page

RAVE KITTY by John Joseco and Jamie MacKenzie ~ Updated Fridays!

Tangs Comics – Tuesday, June 10, 2008

T.A.VISION – Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Scout Crossover-Updates Tues & Fri – Home

Winger: A wingnut with a screw loose.: Sort of inactive

Comics on my To-Read List

the 10K Commotion

Blue Sky

Chuck Whelon’s Comics

Circle Weave

Cwens Quest

Dead Heaven by Christopher Edwin Steininger

EarthBound (2)

Fairy Touch::Ver.6 Lullaby ~ Welcome to Fairyland…

Falling Down Comic

Elven Lacryment by Q & Alex Moore


Juathuur Gatecrash

“Kittens Say Boo!” Written and Illustrated by Hannah Eller


Noses Optional

Paranormal Activity


School for Adventurers

Share the Mojo by RekKa

Sophia: Awakening

“Super Seed” By Tyler James


Trying Human by Emy Bitner

Welcome to AVAM!

What Birds Know by Emelie Friberg & Mattias Thorelli

Wicker Man Studios


Be Mine

Between Places

Escape From Terra – by Sandy Sandfort, Scott Bieser, and Lee Oaks

Capture the Moment by Nika

Cherri Blossoms Manga

Dreadnought: Invasion Six

The Dreamer by Lora Innes


Ebony Box

Edge of Beyond


Girls Are Evil

The Great Space Race






Pictures of You

Salt The Holly (Brio Might Surprise You)


Serenian Century

Sister Claire: Pregnant nun, Holy Crap!

Spying with Lana by Sean Harrington

Stop Paying Attention by Lucy Knisley

Templar, Arizona

Uncreativity & Idiodyssey

You Must Draw

YU+ME: dream

Ended Comics

Accidental Centaurs by John Lotshaw

Avalon by Josh Phillips


Casey and Andy

Cheshire Grin

Casual Notice

Comedity 2.0

DEMONOLOGY 101 By Faith Erin Hicks

Falcon Twin

Femme Fatale

Funny Farm – By Ryan Smith

Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic

Hopscotch – by Levi

“Invasion” Reinder Dijkhuis (script, character art),

It’s all Just an Escape



Queen of Wands

Radioactive Panda

“Surviving Mars” By Brian Daniel


UNICORN JELLY by Jennifer Diane Reitz


Comics I’ve Lost Interest In (Different from the Dead Pool as I might start reading them again if the comic improves enough or does something truly interesting)



Minding My Own Business

The Lounge

The Dead Pool (or comics I stopped reading and don’t intend to restart anytime soon)

College Roomies from Hell – (I realized that not only didn’t I enjoy the comic any longer, but I was detesting pretty much the entire cast. There was no reason to read it after that point.)
Marvel Comics Online – (Deleted subscription after they started selling reader information)
For Better or For Worse – (Blandthony and Elizabeth are only the tip of the iceberg. Considering the comic’s ended and doing repeats now, it’s also a moot point.)
Shortpacked – (Well, okay, the Batman jokes are funny, but the rest of the comic isn’t.)

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